Ozzy Osbourne says he wants to win an Oscar

Ozzy Osbourne performing live on-stage in 2022

Ozzy Osbourne has revealed the one accolade he still wants to win.

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On the latest episode of Ozzy’s SiriusXM program Ozzy Speaks, the former Black Sabbath frontman was asked about what he has yet to achieve in his long and illustrious career. Now that he’s soon to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a solo act, there’s just one thing left that Ozzy has yet to win: an Oscar.

“You’ve got to fucking be in a movie to win an Oscar,” co-host Billy Morrison replied while laughing. “Well, you asked me what I haven’t won,” the Prince of Darkness fired back. Osbourne was quick to stand his ground, pointing out that other musicians have won Oscars despite not acting in a film: “Elton John‘s got one for a song”.

Elsewhere in the chat, Osbourne shared that he’d “like to do a fucking gig without falling over” and that “one fucking surgeon” is “taking his time” with clearing Ozzy for performances.

Osbourne had previously said that he would love to play live again but still struggles to “stand up right”. “Maybe I’ll do something one day. I miss it terribly,” he said.

Ozzy said last November that he had to “accept the fact” that a live return may not be possible owing to his ongoing health issues, including Parkinson’s disease and a recovery from multiple surgeries.

This January, however, Sharon revealed that Ozzy was planning “two more shows to say goodbye” before he fully retires from performing.

Ozzy Osbourne recently said he was “dying to make more music” with producer Andrew Watt. The pair worked together on the star’s latest two albums, 2020’s ‘Ordinary Man’ and 2022’s ‘Patient Number 9’.

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