Two IVE Members Go Insanely Viral As “Identical Twins”

Gaeul and Leeseo are known as the “twins” of IVE for a good reason!

Gaeul (Left) and Leeseo (Right)

Despite being the oldest and youngest members of the group respectively, they sometimes look similar enough to make you do a double take.

Leeseo (Left) and Gaeul (Right)

There are moments when the two look eerily similar…

Leeseo (Left) and Gaeul (Right)

…especially when they have similar hairstyles!

Leeseo (Left) and Gaeul (Right)

A new interview clip featuring the two is going viral, tricking just about anyone who isn’t familiar with the members of IVE into thinking the girls are identical twins.

Check out the members behind Wonyoung — Can you tell which one is Gaeul and which is Leeseo?

If you knew Gaeul was on the left and Leeseo was on the right, you’re right! Next, just take a look at some of IVE’s concept photos for their second EP Switch. This time, it’s not only Gaeul and Leeseo who look alike. Can you tell who’s who in the following 5 photos?

| @IVEstarship/Twitter
| @IVEstarship/Twitter
| @IVEstarship/Twitter
| @IVEstarship/Twitter
| @IVEstarship/Twitter

The correct order for the photos above is: Liz, Gaeul, Leeseo, Leeseo, Liz. Now, have fun with IVE’s group photo!

Rei, Wonyoung, Leeseo, Liz, Yujin, and Gaeul | @IVEstarship/Twitter