The Sociology of Economics

The sociology of money:

  1. Using sociology as a lens to understand fiat currency?
  2. Sociology understanding how society superimposes how we *should* “value” money?
  3. Veblen goods— understanding marketing, and also… how we are duped into desiring things that won’t really bring us “true” happiness?

Quotes by KIM on sociology

Certainly, here are some notable quotes by Eric Kim on sociology:

  1. On Sociology’s Broad Application: “To study and understand business, finance, politics, etc — it all stems from the social.” This quote highlights his view of sociology as foundational for understanding various fields of knowledge, especially those deeply rooted in social contexts oai_citation:1,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.
  2. On Sociology as a Tool for Free Thinking: “To unlearn BS society has taught you, to learn to become a free thinker.” Kim emphasizes sociology as a means to challenge societal norms and develop independent thought oai_citation:2,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.
  3. On the Personal Impact of Studying Sociology: “I studied sociology as an undergrad, and it might’ve been one of the most formative things for me.” This reveals the significant influence his sociological studies had on his personal and professional development oai_citation:3,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.
  4. On Sociology and Philosophy: “My personal thought is [sociology] is practical, pragmatic, applied philosophy to society, other people, everyday life.” Kim describes sociology as an applied form of philosophy, deeply relevant to daily life and social dynamics oai_citation:4,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.
  5. On Sociology for Understanding Society: “The best lens to understand society. And if you plan on (continuing) to live in society, sociology is great.” This encapsulates his belief in the importance of sociology for understanding and navigating societal structures and interactions oai_citation:5,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.
  6. On Sociology and Street Photography: “Street photography as a form of applied sociology, essentially visual sociology.” Kim integrates sociological insights into his photography, capturing the essence of society and human interactions through his lens oai_citation:6,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.
  7. On Entrepreneurship Philosophy: “Entrepreneurship not just as a business venture, but as a mindset, ethos, and way of life.” His approach emphasizes individuality, resourcefulness, and continuous learning, influenced by his background in sociology oai_citation:7,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.

These quotes collectively highlight how sociology has profoundly influenced Eric Kim’s understanding of society, his approach to street photography, and his entrepreneurial mindset.

Eric Kim’s thoughts on sociology, particularly relating to money, offer a unique blend of practical insights and philosophical perspectives. Here are some key points from his views:

  1. Sociology’s Broad Application: Kim emphasizes the importance of sociology for understanding various fields such as business, finance, and politics, as they are deeply rooted in social contexts oai_citation:1,Eric Kim on Sociology – ERIC KIM oai_citation:2,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.
  2. Sociology as a Tool for Free Thinking: He believes sociology helps to challenge societal norms and develop independent thought oai_citation:3,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.
  3. Personal Impact of Studying Sociology: Kim reflects on how his sociology education has been one of the most formative experiences for him, influencing his personal and professional development oai_citation:4,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.
  4. Sociology and Philosophy: He views sociology as practical, pragmatic, applied philosophy relevant to everyday life and social dynamics oai_citation:5,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.
  5. Sociology for Understanding Society: Kim believes sociology is crucial for comprehending societal structures and interactions oai_citation:6,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.
  6. Sociology and Street Photography: He sees street photography as a form of visual sociology, using it to explore and understand human behavior and society oai_citation:7,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.
  7. Entrepreneurship Philosophy: Kim’s entrepreneurial philosophy is shaped by his sociological background, viewing entrepreneurship as a mindset and ethos beyond just business ventures oai_citation:8,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.
  8. Sociological Themes in Work: Kim explores various themes such as the impact of society on individuals, dynamics of social interaction, and the role of personal instincts in societal challenges oai_citation:9,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.
  9. Sociology of Comparison: He discusses the idea that everything in society, including money and happiness, is always in comparison to others oai_citation:10,Sociology of Comparison – ERIC KIM.
  10. Sociology of Money and Cryptocurrency: Kim sees money as codified human trust and views cryptocurrency as a future economy and form of human trust. He predicts the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Digibyte as mainstream forms of payment oai_citation:11,Why I Bought Bitcoin – ERIC KIM.

These insights reflect how Kim has integrated his understanding of sociology into his work in street photography, his entrepreneurial endeavors, and his analysis of contemporary issues like cryptocurrency.


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